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The Working Principle of Oil Fired Steam Boiler Safety Valve

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The working principle of oil fired steam boiler safety valve

Oil fired steam boiler,as a major industrial boiler supplying steam,needs the special attention to the security issues due to the high temperature and pressure in operation.In order to ensure the safety of oil steam boiler,we need to install the safety valve,then the article will introduce that how does the safety valve of oil steam boiler work.

The main role of safety valve is that when the pressure in the boiler exceeds a predetermined value,the valve will automatically open and exhaust steam for pressure relief,when the pressure in the boiler is reduced to a predetermined pressure value,the valve will automatically close,which makes the boiler under the normal operating pressure,prevent the accident caused by overpressure,the following section is the safety valve working process.

The channel in the safety valve and boiler steam space are interlinked,the valve core is is pressed against the valve seat by the pressing force produced by pressure device,when the pressing force on valve core is greater than the steam thrust of valve core,the valve core is close to the valve seat, the valve is in the closed condition,when the steam pressure in the boiler steam rises,the steam thrust of valve core increases, when the force is greater than the pressing force of valve core,the valve core is jacked up and leave the valve seat,the relief valve opens,then the boiler discharges pressure,as the steam in the boiler is discharged ,the boiler steam pressure drops,the steam thrust on the valve core is reduced,when it is less than the pressing force on the valve core,the valve shuts down on its own.

The above introduction about how the safety valve of oil steam boiler works,if you want to know more,do not hesitate to contact us!



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