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Gas Heating Boiler Condensate Water Recycling

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In all types of winter heating equipment,the gas heating boiler undoubtedly has the most extensive range of applications,as a energy saving industrial boiler,recycling condensate water is also an important manifestation,in this text,we will discuss that how to recycle the gas heating boiler condensate water.
First,let us learn about what is gas heating boiler condensate water,the condensate water is the high quality boiler feed water containing heat,the heat can be up to 20%~30% of the total heat of steam,high temperature condensed water can be used to improve the boiler feed water temperature(each increase of 6 ℃ can save 1% fuel), condensation water recycling use generally can reach 80%~98% of the boiler water supplement,its quality is much higher than the that of   softening water,if recycled,remarkable economic benefit and social benefit will produced.The following section is the analysis about how to recycle it.
The condensate collection tank can be installed to recycle the gas heating boiler condensate water,it can be divided into open system and closed system,the open system device is simple,needs less investment,compared with the direct discharge of condensate water,there is still some energy saving effect,the closed system can maintain the original quality of steam,when used in boiler feed water,it will not increase the amount of dissolved oxygen,also reduces the boiler make up water,reducing water treatment costs .
The above is the analysis about the recycling of gas heating boiler condensate water from ZG,ZG gas heating boiler really reach the targets of clean combustion,no emission pollution,convenient operation, enough output,etc.Please feel free to contact us for more details!


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