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Chapter 1 the Happiness Project Summary

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In the first chapter of The Happiness Project, it is dedicated to the first few steps to happiness, go to sleep earlier, exercise better, toss, restore, and organize. tackle a nagging task, and act more energetic. Gretchen Rubin writes about her experience and goals with these few steps.   I think these steps are exceptionally easy to achieve. While reading this chapter, I couldn’t help thinking, “I could do these same steps easily!” I think Gretchen is unhappy but obviously not depressed, she stated she wasn’t on “Getting Started.” She also mentioned that she wasn’t happy as she should be, but knew how fortunate she was for her family. She had trouble comprehending the “Splendor” her life was. I think she takes on her Happiness Project to be more appreciative of her life and take every day with a smile and discipline herself to feel better about her life.   I do not think her goal for happiness is selfish, is she taking away from her family without their consent? She mentioned that she spent a considerate amount of time on her computer and not paying as much attention to her family as she wanted too.   One of her goals is to be more energetic with her family and spend more time with them, which was part of her Happiness Project. How is trying to change your life to be happy selfish, when it is also giving time to the family?
When she quoted, “Fake it till’ you feel it,” I was surprised about how a negative word fake could contribute to being happy. but once I was reading more of her explanation of it, I was amazed. I thought, “I should try this, and see if this strategy works.” What I take out of that quote is to laugh more when I actually don’t feel like it. How I define happiness is if I feel content, and if I look back at my day and think, “Today was a good day.” I also take in all the times I laughed and smiled. Some differences I have with Rubin would be all the charts and organizers she has just for this project, I mean, if you want to be happy, try to take...


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