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Write your own answers to the 72 interview questions as you refer to the suggested responses below each question.   There are similar questions.   Some may not apply to you.   You will not get 70 (+) questions and your interview questions will not be asked in the sequence we have presented.   You may discover you need to write more SAR’s. (Situation, Action, Result)   Remember your Focus Piece and Success Factors.

  1. Tell me about yourself.

This is the classic opener and gives the interviewer time to size you up, learn about the human side of you. This gives the interviewer an opportunity to find a common thread with you.   Begin with where you are from, your education, a bit about your family (“my wife and I live in ___, and we have ___ children”)   then years of relevant related experience. Describe what you are currently doing, if working or not, how long you have been out of work in general terms and what you have done.)

  2. What is your opinion of your last company? Or What did you like best/least in your last position?

Stay neutral or positive, NO negatives.   Focus on situations in which you learned and/or contributed something to the company. Use an achievement as an example. Liked people, hated to leave – sensitive question if there were difficulties – no negatives

  3. Why did you change jobs so frequently?   Are you a job hopper?

Technique:   Short & Sweet

Prepare a good rational for your moves.   People do change jobs and if your reasons are sound, say so.   Do not be defensive.

Reasons to avoid:   Did not get along with employer or other people, did not like the management policies; passed over for a raise; too much work; too much overtime; too many arguments; problems of health; personal problems interfering with work . . . avoid long stories and negatives.

Some acceptable reasons:   reorganization;   a new manager arrived and brought in his team;   the company was in difficulty and had a massive...


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