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College Stress

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College Stress
  With the in-depth knowledge about two years of college life, we could easily get the conclusion that most of us have to face three patterns of pressure. The pressures all come from our certain life and uncertain future. For our life, college stress follows as the shadow, such as economic pressure, academic pressure, interpersonal relationship.
  First, academic pressure comes top of the pressure, which is the most important to students. It’s our definable duty in our standard life. On the one hand, daily life is full of several related courses of major, which lack enough exercises. Except for that, we must care about the final exam. If we couldn’t pass the exam, we will experience the results. On the other hand, paying attention to all kinds of certificates. In fact, they can give you the chance to a better job. So we can’t avoid the academic pressure.
  As we all know, our life is based on economy. Although family support has relaxed us, we still have a problem to deal with the money. At the same time, what they have couldn’t afford what they need and want, part-time job have to be their first choice. What’s more, the balance between study and job is the pressure to them. So the process how to deal with money can’t be avoided.
  In a sense, college is the model of society and we must make communication with each other. When it comes to interpersonal relationship, we all get our own special organization. The development of relationship also needs attention. Maybe someone who we hate is always around us. The romantic relationship always bothers you. All of this waits for our solutions. We must be serious to the pressures.
  When we enter the gate of college, life seems different from that time. There’s few people can share our pressures, what we can insist is to be stronger in our life. When we finish college, we will know all the pressures give us the chance to grow up.

          College Stress [outline]


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