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Moments of Uncertainty

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Moments of uncertainty are a regular occurrence in the life of a teenager in this day and age. It’s the way in which we react to these situations that dictates our future and the kind of life ahead of us. In this day and age the majority of teenagers will be faced with these situations that leave us uncertain on whether we are doing the right or wrong thing, or the moral or immoral thing. For me, I’ve experienced quite a lot of these situations and I can’t say I’ve always gone with the right choice.   Peer pressure is a major thing in our lives and not always for the right reason as I learned from my past experience!
I was in 3rd year on a language trip to France with my school. We all had our own correspondents in which we stayed in each other’s house. My first major moment of uncertainty came near the end of that trip and I remember it well, not that it’s something that can be forgotten easily. My correspondent’s friend was having a house party and of course as I wanted to experience all aspects of a French teenager’s life, I agreed to go to it without any thought put into it. Come that night I was overly excited about going to this party and nothing else crossed my mind. As it was my first house party to go to I really didn’t have a clue what to expect at it and most definitely didn’t expect what was to happen. Later on in the night when the parents were gone to bed, alcohol was produced along with smoking implements. I didn’t know anyone there so I was sat in the corner for the majority of the party. Soon after seeing the alcohol and smoking implements being produced I heard a call in which to go into another room with everyone else. We were sat in a circle and the smoking implement was being passed around. Although I passed on the chance of drinking alcohol, something I was proud about t the time, this was something I felt I had to do because of the peer pressure effect. When the smoking got around to my turn, that was my first major...


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