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Leadership and Management

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              ASSESSMENT 1   LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT MGT 30003   2014   TP2
                                                      ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY
                                                                  By Michael Gould

Mayer, JD & Caruso,D 2002, ‘The effective leader: understanding and applying emotional intelligence’, Ivey Business Journal-Improving the practice of management, ,viewed 7 Aug.2014. >http://iveybusinessjournal.com/topics/leadership/the-effective-leader-understanding-and-applying-emotional-intelligence#.U-MIuaMn_h8
          This article defines Emotional Intelligence(EI),as a leaders ability to extract commitment and loyalty from the group toward attaining an organisational target. It provides a way to better perceive each other and gives us a clearer understanding of ways in which we can motivate each other.
          The authors researched a particular case in New York,at Merrill Lynch, whereby an operations manager organized to have a particular group moved from their offices across town to offices nearer their homes.This was a tactical plus,in the sense that it saved commute time, but the emotions of the group suffered due to unforeseen events. Lack of EI can have a detrimental effect on the group as the actions of the leader,if not used in a motivational sense,with emotions at the forefront of decision making,may cause confusion as to specific goals.
          This piece was written for the Ivey Business Journal,a Canadian publication of the Ivey Business School,with over 80 years of service to the community. EI,whether at a high degree or at the lower scale, will allow me to interpret the level at which a leader performs,and in turn produce a manner in the group which will either enhance (or stall) productivity through greater/less information input and accuracy/inaccuracy in production processes.
            This provides me with a greater understanding of...


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