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Bsa 385 Uop Complete Class Homework Aid Complete Class All Assignments and Dqs

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BSA 385 UOP   Complete Class Homework Aid Complete Class All Assignments and DQs
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BSA 385 Week 1 Discussion Questions
Why is cost-effective software engineering so important in today’s design and development of Information System solutions?
Based on the Keston (2010) article, under what circumstances would you consider using Agile software development methodologies? Why has flexibility become so important in developing viable system solutions?

BSA 385 Week 2 Individual Assignment Frequent Shopper Program 1
Frequent Shopper Program, Part IBackground: Smith Consulting is a firm that has been contracted to develop the Frequent Shopper Program for Kudler Fine Foods. The student will complete the following individual assignments in Weeks 2-4, in the context of the firm working on the project.Research, write, and provide a 4-6 page proposal of the alternative methods the firm might consider for completing the Frequent Shopper Program. Include the following in the proposal:1. Explain the advantages and disadvantages for each method relative to this project.2. Explain how the firm would conduct testing for each development method.
BSA 385 Week 2 Discussion Questions
When you are analyzing your software/system development project, you need to adequately set the stage for your Design Phase. One way to do this is to have an Analysis Phase documentation package that can guide your design efforts and delineate how your software/system is to function. What specifications, models, and delineations would you include in this analysis/design documentation package?

Based on the Woodward (2010) article, what affect does Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) have on the traditional SDLC?   Why has SOA had such a dramatic influence on system development?

BSA 385 Week 3 Individual Assignment Technical Article Document Frequent Shopper...


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