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Why Homework Should Be Banned

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No Mom, I can’t.   I have homework: Persuasive essay on abolition of homework
As a high school student, I have been doing homework for eleven years.   For each of those years, homework had been assigned every night.   Undoubtedly, my nightly completion of homework has contributed to my academic success.   However, seven hours of school five days a week provides me with enough understanding of my lessons that homework is not vital to my overall growth as a student.   In fact, the amount of time spent on homework results in endless nights of isolation.   The abolition of homework would allow more free time for developing social and life skills – time that would otherwise be spent in isolation.   Ultimately, ridding the school system of homework would increase time available to develop social skills, to spend time with family, and to reduce the high stress levels that can negatively impact teens.
Of course, there are numerous positive impacts homework has on students of all ages.   Homework is often used to re-teach lessons learned during the school day.   Many educational systems stress the importance of completing school work on your own.   Also, homework can be used to keep the students busy.   Lastly, homework gives students a sense of motivation, of which they will need for their future careers.   However, the time consuming nature of homework is extremely problematic.
Time spent on homework relinquishes time spent on developing social skills, which students shall need throughout their lifetime.   After seven hours of a long, tiresome, hard day at school, students get home to do at least two hours of homework.   As a result, students are often too busy to learn necessary social aspects such as importance of building new relationships, importance of family, and importance of choices.   The time spent on homework leads students to being isolated in their rooms for hours in order to focus on their academic activities, which is a major problem, because being social is...


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