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Ash Srm 320 Week 1 Quiz

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SRM 320 Week 1 Quiz

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1.         Which of the following is listed by DuBrin as a function of management?
All of the choices are correct
 2.        Management under a democratic system often:
Delegates important matters
Is directed by a manager
Requires input from all members of a team
All of the above
A and C
3.         Which of the following statements is the least valid reason why educators should
understand principals of management?
Teachers must be prepared to negotiate for their salaries
Most educators perform some types of management work
Relationships between managers and educators tend to be better if theyhave an understanding of each other's problems
 Procedures can be more accurately evaluated if educators possess management understanding
 The life of the educator is directly affected by management
4.         The interscholastic or intercollegiate sport program in theory should be financed by:
Gate receipts
Special projects
Student Fees
Board of education or central college funds
 5.        The type of tournament in which each team plays every other team at least once is known as:
Round robin
Single elimination
6.         Incorrect management procedures are likely to result in:
Increased production
Better human relations
High staff morale
Loss of efficiency
None of the choices are correct
 7.        One of the most frequent causes of game protests is:
Use of officials without ratings
Poor sportsmanship of spectators
Use of ineligible players
Failure to pay agreed fees
Dishonesty of officials
 8.        The tournament that is the most economical from the standpoint of time is the:
Double elimination
Round robin
Single elimination
 9.        The decision making process includes...


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