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Chemistry Quiz Review

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Chapter 14 Quiz Review Name ________________________
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1.   Identify the following salts as acidic, basic, or neutral
  a.   KBr ___________________________________
  b.   CuCl2   ___________________________________
  c.   NaHSO4 ___________________________________
  d.   KNO3 ___________________________________

2.   Explain, using equations, why FeCl3 is corrosive.

3.   Write the net equation for the reaction of
  a.   NH3 with   HCl ____________________________________________________________

  b.   HNO3   with   NaCH3COO ____________________________________________________________

  c.   HClO4   with   Ba(OH)2 ____________________________________________________________

4.   Given :methyl amine, CH3NH2
  a.   Write the equation for the dissociation of this weak base.
  b.   Calculate the pH of a .100M solution of methyl amine if the Kb was 1.0 x10 -5.

5.   Given:   CO3-2(aq)   +   H2O(l)   (   HCO3-1(aq)   +   OH-1 (aq)                 determine which are Bronsted acids:

6.   A solution is prepared by adding .200 liter of .0450 M HCl to .400 liter of .0200M HNO3.   What is the pH of the final solution?

7.   The Ka for HCN is 4.0 x 10-10.
    If 5.00 gram of NaCN is placed into enough solution to make 1.00 liter, calculate the pH of the solution.

8.   Name a diprotic acid: ______________________________________________

9.   Spell: phenolphthalein ______________________________________________

10.   Calculate the pH of 1.75 x 10-4 M   barium hydroxide.

11.   Calculate the pH of a 0.30 M solution of ammonium chloride.   Kb = 1.8 x 10-5

12. Identify the Lewis acid and the Lewis base in the following reactions:
    a. Boron trichloride reacts with chloride ion to produce [BCl 4]−
    b. Nickel reacts with carbon monoxide to produce nickel tetracarbonyl [Ni(CO)4].
    c. Ammonia reacts with acetic acid to produce ammonium acetate.
  d.   Sodium ions are solvated by...


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