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Fall of Rome

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The Fall of Rome
The Roman Empire did not deserve to Fall. The achievements of the Roman Empire were unmatched at its time. Many things were accomplished after its ideal ways of life that did not become widespread until after its fall. The Roman Empire would have made the advancement of people in Europe much faster than any nation in the world. 
            The Roman Empire was the most modern ancient empire. It made many advancements in arts and sciences. It had many great poets, philosophers, artists, and engineers. The Romans encouraged learning and supported any who endeavored to make discoveries or technological improvement. If the Roman Empire had not fallen, the world, from a scientific stand point would be very different today. The Roman Empire would have made discoveries and scientific advancements before the Dark Ages. During the Dark Ages no scientific studies or appreciation of the arts took place. For almost an entire millennium humans made no advancements. The barbarians, who destroyed Rome, destroyed it to take its wealth not its knowledge. The knowledge that was lost was not resurrected until the Renaissance. Technological improvements were at a standstill. If the Roman Empire had lasted, Europe would not have fallen into that dark period. Rome would have kept modernizing. Today, we could have been at a technological level we may not reach for many years. The Romans made advancements in the field of medicine. Today we could have had cures for many diseases had the empire not fallen. 
              The Roman Empire was a democracy. It was one of the first of its kind. It could have stood as a model for all the kingdoms and monarchies across the world. Human rights were existent at Rome for hundreds of years before any other place around the world. The Roman people were represented in their government and had power. Many people around the world who were persecuted under dictators and monarchies could have looked at Rome as an example of what a...


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