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Contemporary Society's Link to the Republican Fall in Rome

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Rome had an well-organized government that used monarchy, democracy, and aristocracy to make it balanced.   However, the Republican government collapsed and modified the powers of the rich and poor.   The citizens have the power to vote, add laws, and make changes by voting for their leader to do this for the people.   When the government collapsed, the citizens didn't get these advantages and the rich came to power.

The collapse of the government occurred because a variety of events.   First, the people who fought for their country came back home with nothing not even their homes.   Because the huge number of poor people, a new class called proletariat was made for the poor people.   The wealthy became wealthier because the valuable minerals that were discovered during the wars.   Army leaders took power and changed the way everything had been run.   Leaders formed a triumvirate that caused jealousy and anger between the people who ruled Rome.   After the Second Triumvirate broke up, Octavian defeated his comrades and ruled Rome under the name of Augustus.   There was no longer a republic, but the senate and assembly that tried to gain the support of Augustus.

The collapse of the Republican government can be paralleled to present day.   In some countries, military leaders or terrorist have taken over countries.   These activists can modify the government and replace a republic to give them much more power.   Army leaders can gain this political power since they have the manpower to slaughter any opponents that they face.   This is what happened in Rome with Marius and Sulla.   They both commanded an army and tried to get political power by force.   Even though Ancient Rome did not have the knowledge of today, they still knew how to get power and win the support of others.


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