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Eduardo Paolozzi

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Paolozzi was born in Edinburgh to Italian parents in the year 1924. He grew up there and went to art school and colleges in Scotland. When he started his career he was a painter and a sculpter on the side but soon he began to sculpt more and paint less developing new ideas and styles.

Many sculpturers emerged from 1945 but out of all of them Paolozzi seems to be the only   to invent a new style of sculpting. Until Paolozzi created his own style you could see similarities between his work and other sculptures, but his new style of functionless machine tools and sterile computers came from technology instead of industry.

Paolozzi made large and tall sculptures. They look as if they are made up of mechanical objects eg: wheels, nuts, bolts and many more moving parts. They also all resemble human life in some way. Alot are standing on two legs or have two arm-like features. Some of his work even appears to have faces. He uses lots of shape, from circular to sqaure. The shapes seem to be stuck together, but flow from one into the other making it look like it has been that way all along. The colours used are all similar but the tone gives it depth and picks out points to focus on. The texture through out all his sculptures is rough and rigid.

I personally like his work and think that there is a lot to look at and take in. Everytime I look at one of his sculpture I see something I did not see before. What I like most is, that if you draw a line down the centre of his sculpture, both side would look similar but not semetrical or even the same shape at times.


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