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World Hunger

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  Major hunger problems have been unsolved throughout history and will be also faced in the future; it has caused millions of people to die or suffer from the effects of hunger. Everyday about 24,000 people worldwide die directly from hunger or related diseases. There are a variety of reasons which bear upon the problems, but of those reasons there are three main factors, natural, social, and economic. “The war against hunger is truly mankind\'s war of liberation,” said U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in a Speech at the World Food Congress. These situations that cause world hunger can’t be changed in a short period of time but the world just have to do what is possible to put an end to hunger.

  One of things that human should pay attention to is natural issues. The world produces enough food to feed its entire people, but that food is not distributed equally among the rich and poor or across national boundaries. The reason for this is because that there are huge expenses in packaging, transporting, and distributing that brings the price up, according to library.thinkquest.org. In all of the energy people use on wheat, only one third of the energy is spent on growing and milling and the other two thirds is packaging, transporting and distributing. By doing all of these, the price of flour would be much higher than it was in the fields, but reducing these costs is simple if you can eliminate the transportation. If food is produced closer to where it is needed, costs will be much lower. It is easy for countries that have a great amount of arable land but not for those counties that do not, the weather could be too extreme or the land could be too hard. There could be a lot of reasons for not having arable land, but as the technologies develop, new land is becoming available in the world but until there is enough land and the cost is low there won’t be a hunger free world.  

According to my dad, social reasons often take place as a huge part of...


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