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Age of Absolutism

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        The theory of Absolutism comes from England throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. It was a political system controlled by a king or queen. The system was strict and many of the rulers were corrupt in what they did in part of their empire.

        In the system of absolutism, there is one ruler, a king or a queen that makes the decisions for their empire. Many of the rulers under the king or queen , mainly the courtiers (governors) were full of boredom because they had no main occupancies or jobs to undertake at the time. This came to be because one man did the job of many. The king or the queen, many corrupt, took away privileges such freedom of speech, no long beards, took away traditional clothing. Many absolute rulers taxed with out reason for their own luxuries. As such many rulers put people to death with out proper trial. There were a few rulers who did close to nothing for their nation.

      There was many rulers at this time, to name a few, Charles 1st and Oliver Cromwell who later beheaded   King Charles 1st. There however, was a kinder ruler known as Catherine The Great. She believed that a leader should not deprive people of their natural liberty, but to correct their actions, in order to attain a supreme good. It was a ruler like this that made the people feel more confident in their ruler. King Frederick 2nd of Persia had similar views. He viewed that the ruler should improve the peoples education ,and a ruler should not pervert their people by bad example. There was however a terrible ruler known as Peter The Great who did acts such as; tax on having a long beard and ban on traditional clothing. This was the worst ruler of all time In England.

      Later on in England’s history, Absolutism was dissolved. This came to be when Parliament over took the power of the monarch. Parliament put out the Petition Of Rights, which took away most of the kings power. From therewith, the king had to answer to Parliament. Parliament...


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