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Machiney Age--Good or Bad

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It is generally believed that the 21st century is the Machinery Age. A significant change in the modern society has been brought about by the widely utilize of machine, even though some drawbacks also arise. As far as I am concerned, the strengths of the proliferation of the machine are absolutely prevail over the weaknesses.

A great number of factories and manufacturers have greatly depended on the machinery as its significant advantages. The widely use of the new technology has obviously augment the efficiency and the productivity which make it possible to meet the increasing demands of consumers. Similarly, people the world over have profited enormously from the proliferation of the modern technology in terms of product quality. The products can be manufactured in a shorter working hours meanwhile the high quality is also guaranteed. Besides, the cost of production is decrease dramatically since the use of modern technology, like the saving in raw materials and the workers’ wages.

The machines play a essential role in striking a balance between the production and the demands, nonetheless, some side-effects emerged. The unemployment rate has ascended in recent years and it makes it hard for government to tackle with. What’s more, some industries overly dependent on the machines and equipments which lead to the vanishing of many traditional skills, especially some handcrafts industries like blankets waving and carpets waving. Besides, in my country, hundreds of workers get injured by the machine when they operate it, and most of this injury is incurable.

Overall, personally, I hold that some of the problems are not inevitable. The authorities are expected to generate more employment opportunities for individuals, and regard the traditional skills as a non-materials heritage for the sake of preserving it. As the pace of civilization accelerates, human beings could get more benefits from the development of technology and the intelligent machinery.


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