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The Prophet Amos

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Amos is recognized as the first of the Israelite prophets whose words were recorded on a scroll.   He was not a prophet all his life and never prophesied professionally.   Amos earned his living as a “herdsman and dresser of sycamore figs.” (Amos 7:14)   Since he already had an occupation he did not have to prophesy for money.   He prophesied because God had called him to do so.   Amos was not a poor sheep herdsman.   The word herdsman, used to describe his occupation, was not the common Hebrew word used to refer to shepherds.   The Hebrew word used described the vocation of a Moabite king, King Mesha.   The Hebrew word means sheep-master, and refers to the owners of a special breed of sheep, famous for their wool.   Amos may have been one of the more important men in his region, Tekoa.

Tekoa was a village about ten miles south of Jerusalem.   It was situated atop a large hill some 2800 feet above sea level.   Therefore, Tekoa was strategically located.   It was fortified and walled.   “Tekoa is mentioned elsewhere, in 2 Chronicles 11:6, as one of several cities that King Rehoboam (Solomon’s son and successor) rebuilt and fortified after the breaking away of the ten northern tribes and founding of the northern kingdom of Israel (in 931).” (Miller p.45)

Like many other prophets Amos was called directly by Yahweh through some divine intervention.   Yahweh “took” him from his flocks and said, “Go and prophesy to my people Israel.”(Amos 7:15)   He also saw five visions.   Throughout the third and fourth visions God’s voice claimed, “I will forgive them no longer.” (Amos 7:8; 8:1)   He was referring to the people of Israel.  

The Book of the Prophet Amos begins with a short description of the prophet.   This is followed by his words.   He begins by condemning several nations, Israel’s neighbors.   Finally, and most importantly, he goes on to condemn Israel.   This condemnation of Israel...


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