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"sex be nimble sex be quick" - Janani


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My persona is on my dad.   I pick him because he has implemented me with a lot of inspiration, wisdom, and guidance.   It is definitely hard to choose between him and my mom.   He is the one of the ones who has shaped me into who I am.

My dad is a person who inspires people to look at things from a different perspective or angle.   Seeing things in a different point of view sometimes helps people to understand their life or thoughts better.   Thinking things out before you do something can help people not to make a mistake.   When he makes the mantel for the fireplace, he thinks and draws sketches of how he wants it to look a couple of times.   He will have his thoughts and sketches to refer to so he will not make a mistake

His wisdom has made me into how I think things out.   He has always said that you can work harder or work smarter.   Meaning, when you use your head instead of your back it is helpful in getting the task accomplished.   That’s why the harder you study in college the further that you will get in life.   If your heart is really in what you want to get accomplish than you will get far in life.

The guidance that he gives is helpful in understanding what you may be going through.   For instance, he has given me guidance on how college is important.   Without having a college degree you have a hard time being able to get through life living comfortably.   The chances of you not going to college and living comfortably are slim. What you learn and achieve in college is applied throughout the rest of your life.

I think that now, you can see how my dad has implemented his inspiration, wisdom, and guidance through me and other people.   Being able to think things out will make you better able to understand what is going on with what you do in your life.   When you do not understand what is going on you get lost in the end.


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