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The Greenhouse Threat - Fact or Fiction

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Is global warming real? I’m sure this seems like quite an absurd question to many people. With the accumulation of hard evidence for global warming and our supercharging greenhouse effect most people have already taken for granted that the problem truly exists.

There are, however, a small, almost unheard of group of people who are convinced otherwise. One such person is William Robert Johnston. His article on http://www.sitewave.net/news/s49p1354.htm clearly shows his scepticism towards global warming. He has come up with his own evidence that the average temperature of the earth’s surface only rose by a tiny 0.8 F over the past century. He also points out that the temperature rise was before the 1940’s, and the additional greenhouse gases were only released into the atmosphere after 1960. This, according to him, proves that the greenhouse effect being enhanced has nothing to do with temperature rises on the earth. This information would be much more convincing if he had included his sources instead of just making unbacked statements. With these statements he outlines a conspiracy of the “global warmers” to cripple world powers such as America because they are the heaviest producers of greenhouse gases and therefore must face the most restrictions in order to limit their production. Quite frankly, I found this theory to be very far fetched, especially when the writer lists no sources of information.

Another website, www.enn.com/news2003-12-04/s_10994.asp - 17k - /, posts an article written by Reuters. This article immediately adds weight to its content by stating its sources as two elite US climate experts. It then tells the reader the statistics. These include the 31% increase in the world’s level of greenhouse gases since the preindustrial times. People who are familiar with the greenhouse effect will immediately know that the earth’s atmosphere is now trapping almost one third more heat than it did before the industrial...


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