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The Beast Is Silent

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Alone in his room the priest would mastermind his hunt. He would examine his conscious as he looked in the mirror.   He admires his body and hungers for it to be touched by a young boy’s hand. He is reminded of his vow of celibacy but knows it does not work for him or for most of his peers.   Many of them share stories of their affairs with the outside world and the temptations they confront daily.   Few, however, speak about “crossing the line” by submitting to their carnal desires.   At the fortress nightly visitations by young boys are frequent and are masked as “vocational counseling.”   The women gatekeepers bow their heads in disgrace, saying their rosary, as they silently watch these situations unfold.   After many years of devotion, commitment and faith, these women are mystified by such actions.   They dare not tell their husbands whose faiths are already shattered by what is written in the daily papers. The newspaper headlines shatter the myth that priests are infallible and remind us that they are sinners like us all.

One priest in particular was not happy with this afternoon’s appointment. The boy was stocky about fifteen with red hair and freckles.   He was asked if he would like a massage before the “vocational counseling” and he obediently but fearfully replied, “yes.” He stood before the priest and was directed to remove his clothes. Then with only his briefs on he was directed to the bed. He followed instructions and was given his “special” massage. However, he could not keep his mind off Michael Iatesta, the boy he met last week.   “He’s the one I want on the bed,” he thought to himself. “He’s the one I want to massage”.   But the moment is now and the deed must be done. An hour passes and not a word was spoken. The young boy soon left in tears and the priest knelt by the bed for his afternoon prayers. “Bless me father for I have sinned….”

After prayers the priest tells the reflection in mirror that he is a man of power and...


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