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Found Guilty for Being Jewish

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The Holocaust refers to Nazi Germany’s systematic genocide (ethic cleaning) of various ethic, religion, national, and secular groups during the World War 11 starting in 1941 and continuing through out the 1945.The word Holocaust itself originally derived from the Greek word (holokauston) meaning “ a complacently ( holos) burnt (kauston) sacrificial offering”, or a burnt sacrifice offered to God. Holocaust was intentionally and amorously planned attempts to the entire eradicate the target group based on ethnicity.

Indifference is not so much a gesture of looking away--of choosing to be passive--as it is an active disinclination to feel. Indifference shuts down the humane, and does so deliberately, with all the strength deliberateness demands. Indifference is as determined--and as forcefully muscular--as any blow.(Cynthia Ozick)

By definition, a bystander is one who is present at some event without participating in it. This \"passive\" attitude has spawned some of the most horrific atrocities ever visited upon the face of this earth. The Holocaust is no different. Men, women and children were carried off by the hundreds of thousands, brutally murdered or forced into slave labor camps, and turned into cruel mockeries of humanity, yet few had the courage to save them or even protest their treatment. An entire nation fell silent as millions died, and the only objection was the collective death rattle of the fallen. This is why the Holocaust must be remembered.

If the stories are not told and the memories are not remembered, how can we keep such an event from reoccurring? Although all who hear the stories and the pleas of survivors call the action of Hitler’s and his legions insanity, do they truly realize the extent of the implications set forth by his actions? The fact that one man and a small number of followers could rises to power and put into motion the organized and brutally efficient extermination and dehumanization...


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