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Terry Schiavo Must Die

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    The time had come for the inevitable end of this story, this miserable lot of the last fifteen years for Terry Schiavo. Brain-damaged and rubber-boned, barely human anymore, Schiavo had the indignity of having her nerve-reflex smile paraded out every time the moment came close for her to have to sink or swim, to learn quickly to feed herself or starve. She was the unfortunate child of narcisstic parents who have pathetically deluded themselves into believing that, at some point, the rock that rolled around in her head would have became a brain once again.

    Terry Schiavo was brain damaged. There was no hope of recovery nor was she able to breath on her own though had to be fed through a tube. So when is it okay to take a loved one off life support, or to keep them alive by machine? We are not a merciful nation, for we believe that suffering is a gift from God or some such bullshit, and if you are chosen to suffer, and then suffer you must.

    Despite the fact that virtually every competent medical person who has walked into Schiavo\'s room and smelled the shit-scent of death has declared Schiavo a cabbage or, on a good day, a pea pod, the right smells opportunity to distract people from the gutting of programs that actually do good for the living . Other \"experts\" who have witnessed Schiavo\'s eyes follow a balloon on videotape are nonsensical idiots.

    I have heard on the radio that Terry was so near to death, that even if the feeding tube would’ve been reinserted she would’ve probably died of a shock. So my question is, if her parents somehow would have gotten there way, and the feeding tube would have been reinserted, and if she would have died from it, would it be still considered that we the humans are murderer, and Terry’s death was not part of God’s plan. There are some people who claims that their thought regarding Terry’s death is that, is was a murder. Murder is what the law says it is, not what you think it is....


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