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How Democratic the Electoral College Really Is

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An in depth look at how democratic the Electoral College truly is.

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Contrary to the belief of Jessica Lovaas, author of “Time to abolish outdated Electoral College “, the electoral college is a   completely necessary part of our political system here in the United States. Democracy plays no part in this equation. Not only does it provide for a fair and balanced election process, contrary to popular belief, it does reward the correct candidate with the presidency. Direct elections do not work for very specific reasons and 3rd party participation is relatively irrelevant in the case of the United States electoral system.

According to the pamphlet,” Who Will Elect the President”, “.. The principle of one person, one vote should not pertain to the Electoral College, just as it does not pertain to the U.S. Senate… the college was designed to underscore the federal nature of the U.S. government.” (www.organizations.Oneonta.edu) Democracy is not an issue when it comes to the basis and workings of the electoral college. Overall, the electoral college “contributes to the cohesiveness of the country   by requiring a candidate to demonstrate a distribution of popular support to be elected.” (www.organizations.Oneonta.edu) Also, although some people will claim that the electoral college has a role in depressing the voter turnout, it really enhances the status of minority groups because their votes may make the difference between winning all of the states electoral votes or none at all. Democracy is all about voters rights and voter turnout. Using the electoral college system, more and more minority groups and other people who would...


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