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Age and Life

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Aging is a natural process that occurs during all stages of life.   The majority of Americans would rather stay young than age to late adulthood.   Americans have a belief that youth equals health and energy.   There is no way to becoming young again, but there are many ways to control age and stay healthy.

As people develop and learn more, they also get older.   People age to progress further in development.   For example, in late adulthood, people look back at their life and review their accomplishments and disappointments.   Late adulthood shows a growth in wisdom.   Each stage of living has their own attributes to look at, and a person’s age is one way to know what stage they would be in.

As said before, controlling age is possible.   People can’t stop the aging process, but they can “stay young” with the proper amount of nutrition, balance, exercise, and optimism.   By following the food pyramid, people can stay healthy by having the right amount of vitamins and nutrients in their body.   With exercise people can keep the heart and other organs moving and working properly.   Of course, optimism plays a key goal to staying young.   Life cannot be a success without the right amount of happiness and pleasure.  

The majority of Americans believe a high quality but shorter life is more important than a poorer quality, longer life.   They rather have a life always filled with interesting events and pleasures than a long life with disabilities and only some pleasures.   Americans don’t want to become old and have to face Alzheimer’s disease or any other old age problems.  

Americans have fallen greatly to the availability bias, which makes them think that the shorter and high quality life is better. Advertisements show an economy based on young entrepreneurs and young stars.   People don’t see the old age on billboards selling the majority of products.   America promotes the youth, who are the future, not the old who take up the social security money...


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