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Viral Hemorrhagic Fever

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How would you like it if you died? Well

that’s what’s happening to people in Africa.

Their families die around them, spreading the

deadly disease further into the ecosystem.

Killing at will, this potent filovirus sweeps

through villages with reckless abandon,

destroying anything and everything in it’s way,

and then just as mysteriously as it came, it

disappears without a trace. Even with our

modern technologies, we still don’t really know

too much about this death sentence disguised as

a virus. In the following, I will do my best to

teach you about Ebola, its cousins, where it’s

from, possible cures, effects, and so on. If we

want to, we can find a cure. We control our

destiny, and it’s up to us to find an anecdote

to this killing machine.

The Ebola virus is a highly contagious

filovirus that can be transmitted by re-use of

unsterilized syringes, needles, and directly

transferring it by contact of bodily fluids that

contain high levels, or "bricks" of virus.

Aerosol transmission cannot be counted out, but

water vapor containing secretions of Ebola are

known to spread the infection. Seeing that

Ebola can be spread in numerous ways, including

being spread from animal to human, and

visa-versa, monkey handlers who work with Ebola

ridden monkeys have broken out with the infamous

hemorragic fever. The animal-to-human spread of

the virus has also killed off African tribes

that eat animals with high titers of the deadly




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