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Greek Cypriot Leaders

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What is the Cyprus question? Let us hear the answer from the Greek Cypriot and Greek leaders themselves:

"I have struggled for the union of Cyprus with Greece, and Enosis will always be my deep national aspiration as it is the aspiration of all Greek Cypriots. My national creed has never changed and my career as a national leader has shown no inconsistency or contradiction. I have accepted independence instead of Enosis because certain external conditions and factors have not allowed a free choice."

(Makarios told Le Point on 19 February 1973)

How did they intend to achieve it?

"Unless this Turkish community forming part of the Turkish race which has been the terrible enemy of Hellenism is expelled, the duty of the heroes of EOKA can never be considered as terminated"

(Makarios declared on 4 September 1963)

- The present Greek Cypriot leader, Glafkos Clerides in his memoirs entitled "Cyprus: My Deposition" described the Cyprus question as a conflict between "the Greek Cypriot preoccupation... that Cyprus should be a Greek Cypriot stale with protected Turkish Cypriot minority" and "the Turkish preoccupation ... to defeat any such effort and maintain the partnership concept ".

- "Just as the Greek Cypriot preoccupation was that Cyprus should be a Creek Cypriot state, with a protected Turkish Cypriot minority, the Turkish preoccupation was !o defeat any such effort and to maintain the partnership concept, which in their opinion the Zurich Agreement created between the two communities. The conflict, therefore, was a conflict of principle and for that principle both sides were prepared to go on arguing and even, if need be, to fight, rather .

The same principle is still in conflict, even today, though a federal solution has been accepted - and though a federation is nothing more than a constitutional partnership of the component states, provinces or cantons...


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