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Different People

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Four years ago, I came to the United States. It was my first time traveling at an age I realized the difference between countries. Before that it felt inconceivable to come in contact with a new language and culture. Thus moving here felt like a great adventure with an uncertain but incredible story. It was a long, breathtaking, and challenging, but fun journey for me. Resulting in me being able to experiencing a beautifully incredible new way of looking at people and actions. As well as encountering a totally different culture here, I met a lot different people, too. The amount of diversity in people I encountered here was at a level I have never seen before, and would have probably never seen somewhere else.

The people all different, yet all friendly, welcomed me to Novi and the United States. They tried to help me, even though i was new and no one knew me. I observed them working together and having fun together. I was yet not to be part of this great unity, because i yet had to learn the english language, but everyone tried their best including me in this unity. This is why I believe that unity and diversity is a wonderful thing to have.

I myself learned later to be part of this unity, and now I try to help people even if they are different from me. Afterwards is that I first observed that there is not just unity between people, but that some people feel hatred against other certain groups of   people. I encountered this often online on social media. I try to convince these people that they are mistaken to treat humans in such a way, but rather than attack them, I try to convince them that their opinion is unrighteous to other people, and that people can work together and achieve greatness, no matter how different they are.

The will to work together with everyone is not present all over this world yet, and i strive for harmony between all people no matter how diverse they are. Rather than bringing the people down that discriminate others. I would like...


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