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Staying at a Friend's House

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Staying at a friend's house‏

        I still remember that my sister, Natalie and I were staying at my friend's house overnight. It was the most unforgettable sense ever. We were going to be crazy on that night.
         When I was primary three, I joined the swimming team and I met a friend who called Natasha. She was older than me a year and she was helpful and very polite. At that year, we always played and chatted with each other, even just go to the washroom.
          Till to the year before's summer vacation, she invited my sister and I to go to her house to overnight. After I heard that message, I felt very pleased and excited, I even could not sleep at that night. I could not wait to go to her home.
          Unfortunately, when I arrived her house, I was surprised. It was beyond my imagination. The house was very small and it was very dark. I even couldn't  look her house clearly. At that moment, my tears were almost shed. I thought : I want to go back my home, who can help me? 
          Then, I saw her mother dressed in a strange manner and was as sober a personage as Natasha was not, with a face as long as Sunday, which she wore on every day of the week. I was afraid of her. Then before I greet her, she told me a plenty of rules of this house. I was shocked and depressed. 
          At night, I was ashamed to come to Natasha's house and was going to be crazy because her mother demanded me to tidy her house. My sister saw that and she tried to console me. I almost cried in that night and vowed that I would not go to Natasha's house again.
           The next day morning, I tidied my clothes and leave this house as soon as possible with my sister. When we came back home, I told it to my parents all the things that happened last night but they were not surprised. They said that they are so proud of me because I know how to tidy the room.


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