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If I Had a Super Power

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If i had a Super Power…
If I had a superpower I think it would be the power of healing. Not like wolverine he has self healing I’m talking about the ability to heal others, with just a simple touch, Cancer patients, people with AIDS/HIV, addicts and alcoholics, not just physical ailments but mental and neurological as well. Those with Parkinson’s, Down’s, Epilepsy, and anything else that can be diagnosed even things with no name yet I wouldn’t care. This obviously would be misconstrued by religious fanatics as the second coming but it won’t be. I will refute any notion that I am Jesus Christ. For one I will not claim to be the son of god and two for each person I heal I will develop a disease and die a little bit faster each time. You see every superhero has a weakness superman’s is kryptonite; batman’s is robin, batgirl, and Alfred. Green arrow’s is the woman he loves; Green Lantern’s is anything yellow. The fantastic four each has their own weakness the human torch has oxygen or the lack thereof. Mr. Fantastic is rubbery so what happens when you harden rubber it no longer stretches, so liquid nitrogen works best on him. Daredevil has hearing, touch, smell, and taste but these can be used against him, just as my ability would be used against me. All I have to do is heal others and slowly I would be committing suicide. You see the conditions that I heal small portions would be transferred to my body thus I would become a Petri dish of almost every ailment known to man. This ability would be a gift as well as a curse, but a curse worth having because if I can help more people than an entire hospital full of doctors nurses and machinery, then so be it. After awhile I will be the one that needs help I will need to be wheeled from place to place so people can touch me because I would be so immobilized by the conditions that affect me. So my motto would be “You only live once and might as well do what you can to change the world even if it is for only a short time.”...


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