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Psyc 460 Complete Class Forums

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PSYC 460 Complete Class Forums

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PSYC 460 Forum Week 1
Personal Introduction

PSYC 460 Forum Week 2
Achievement Motivation

PSYC 460 Forum Week 3
Do you tend to be an individual that struggles with stress and anxiety?
If not, explain your general arousal personality.
What are possible factors that influence your arousal, stress, and anxiety status before an event?
What are strategies that you can apply to reduce stress and anxiety and maintain appropriate arousal levels?

PSYC 460 Forum Week 4
Ways to enhance social support
Ways to increase proximity
Ways to increase group distinctiveness
Ways to create a perception of fairness
Ways to increase similarity

PSYC 460 Forum Week 5
Psychology Skills Training

PSYC 460 Forum Week 6

PSYC 460 Forum Week 7
Exercise and Psychology Well-being

PSYC 460 Forum Week 8
Part 1:
Young athletes participate in and discontinue sport programs for a variety of reasons. Stress can also significantly affect a young athlete's sport participation. Addictive behaviors can influence both participation and performance. In this activity, you'll reflect on your childhood youth sport experiences and determine what factors played a role in your decision to participate in and discontinue participation in a youth sport program.
Part 2:
Stress and addictive behaviors can have a significant impact on youth sport participants. To help them cope with stress and/or addictive behaviors, you can adapt and use several anxiety reduction techniques that are relevant for children. Identify and explain three.
Part 3:
In frustrating sport situations, young people are particularly influenced by adult behavior. Why do some people act aggressively and others do not?
What socially learned cues in sport signal the appropriateness of being aggressive? Identify and explain two methods you would use to help young athletes control...


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