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Human Resource Management

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human resource management

human resource management

Portfolio Project
Portfolio Project

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT                                                                                       1


Portfolio Project

Angela r. harris
April 10, 2016
Dr. k. chamberland

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT                                                                                       2

    Today’s   organization   faces   a   range   of   people   management   challenges.   I   will   critically   examine the   challenges   and   choices   HR   managers   now   face   in   regards   to   managing,   recruitment   and   other   sections   in   HR.   The   main   idea   of   the   essay   is   to   focus   on   different   problems   and   its solution   which   HR   managers   face   with   regards   to   all   aspects   of   HR.   By   analyzing   all   aspects   of we   come   to   conclusion   that   different   kinds   of   problems   associated   with   these   process   and   they are   somehow   different   in   every   firm   and   if   the   recruitment   and   selection   process   is   more intensive   so   we   will   have   efficiency   and   productivity   and   more   satisfied   employees.
    It is a fact that the Human Resource management practice is becoming more and more challenging as the days are long. They have to give attention to issues like retention, employee attraction, cultural differences, managing workforce diversity, and technological and informational changes. By definition, HR management is the process of coordinating an organization's human resources or employees to meet organizational goals. Human Resource management directly deals with people, “it involves the production utilization of people in achieving the organization's objectives and the satisfaction of individual employee’s needs (Youssef, C. (2012). The main objective of this paper is to highlight the challenges and aspects concerning Human Resource management.

      Now since we have an understanding...


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