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The Best Color

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Which color candle melts faster?

I think that the white candle will melt faster than the colored one because it has less material.

1. One white candle
2. One colored candle
3. Notepad
4. Lighter
5. Pencil/Pen
6. White glass candle holder

1. Gather materials
2. Place each candle in a white candle holder
3. Put the candle and candle holder in a safe place
4. Got an lighter
5. Light the candles
6. Watched the candles burn
7. Record the Results
8. Check and see if the hypothesis was correct.

In which watching the candles melting the colored one was melting faster and at the end the white one was starting to melt fast and it melted faster than the colored one.

I found out that it takes long time for candles to melt. I also found out that watching the candles melting can be very interesting. Lasted I learned that my Hypothesis was correct.

The name of my project is The Candle Express. I chose to do this project because I wanted to learn about candles and know which colored candle melts faster out of two colors white and green and the answer was white.

Doing the experiment was fun I had to get a lighter and light the candles and watch them melt was very interesting. Because at first the green candle was melting faster and then the white candle caught up.

So at the end my hypothesis was correct. I had taught that the white candle will melt faster. And while I was watching the candles melt I thought that my hypothesis was incorrect because the green candle was melting fast                         . But at the end I was surprised and my hypothesis was correct.


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