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Hrm 598 Week 4 Case Study: Getting and Using Compensation Information

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HRM 598 Week 4 Case Study: Getting and using Compensation Information


HRM 598 Week 4 Case Study: Getting and using Compensation Information

Compensation information is now widely available. Click on the website www.salary.com . This site provides free data on jobs, including job description, annual salary by zip code, distribution by quartiles of salary amounts, info on benefits, and so forth. The basic information that an organization would get if it bought a salary survey from a consultant or conducted its own salary survey can be found here.
This site provides pay data on hundreds of jobs in cities all over the U.S. in many different industries. Identify several jobs (at least three) of interest to you, such as accountant, financial analyst, product manager, stockbroker, or manager compensation. Select specific cities or use the national average. Obtain the median, the 25th and 75th percentile base wage, and the total cash compensation rates for each job.
Respond to the following questions.
1. Which jobs are paid more or less? Is this what you would have expected? Why, or why not? What factors could explain the differences in the salaries?
2. Do the jobs have different bonuses as a percentage of their base salaries? Why, or why not? What could explain these differences?
3. Do the data include the value of the stock options? What are the implications of this?
4. Read the job descriptions. Are they accurate descriptions for jobs that you would be applying for? Why, or why not? Are there jobs for which you cannot find an appropriate match? Why do you think this is the case?
5. Check out pay levels for these types of jobs in your school’s career office or other local or regional source. How does the pay for jobs advertised in your career office or other local or regional source differ from pay levels from other sources? Why do you...


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