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Bam 411 Human Resource Management Unit 4 Examination

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BAM 411 Human Resource Management Unit 4 Examination
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1. The principles of conduct governing an individual or a group are referred to as ________.
• judgments
• ethics
• norms
• laws

2. Procedural justice refers to the ________.
• degree to which managers treat employees with dignity as opposed to abuse ordisrespect
• fairness of the process used to arrive at a decision
• manner in which managers conduct their interpersonal dealings with employees
• fairness of a decision’s result

3. The Enron debacle, “It’s not the rules but what employees feel they should do that determinesethical behavior,” is a description of ________.
• national culture
• organizational culture
• organizational climate
• organizational ethics

4. The CEO of Southwest Airlines can sometimes be seen helping out at a gate, handling luggage,and assisting cabin attendants while in flight. This is an example of ________ to create andsustain the company’s culture.
• organizing ceremonies
• providing physical support
• using signs and symbols
• clarifying expectations

5. All of the following is a step in discipline without punishment except:
• if no further incidents purge the one-day suspension from the file
• contact others involved
• give a paid, one-day “decision-making leave”
• None of the above.

6. The most drastic step a manager can take in response to an employee offense is ________.
• dismissal
• time off without pay
• written warning
• warning documented in employee file

7. Which of the basis for dismissal is defined as the persistent failure to perform assigned dutiesor to meet prescribed standards on the job?
• misconduct
• changed requirements of job


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