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Lesson: Shopping Classroom: M3 Time: 06:30—7:20
Date:03-15-2010 Free Activity Instructor: Robert dePaulis

Activity: Buyer Beware

• Buyer/Seller—Students will try to purchase something by either haggling or directly agreeing to the purchase, through the development of conversation skills.

• The students will ask and answer questions
• Compare prices and goods.
• Items I supply, they already have, whiteboard, school supplies, fake money, list of words/phrases, PPT
Pre-Task (10MIN)
Summary: As the instructor, I will assist the students by introducing the lesson, explaining the objective and offering advice when asked. It is up to the students to work through the lessons. The entire class will be involved. The students are to pair up. I will supply them with a sheet of paper with three lists. The first list—words used for price(dollar, cents, examples of numerical amounts. Also, American slang terms: “Bucks—Clams, etc.),; Second list—expressions(Expensive, a lot, hmm, pricey, “Too rich for my blood”); The third list—Items I will bring in (Don’t want to lose anything). They can also choose to use the items they have on them.

They will also be supplied with fake money. The amount will be determined during class. I will explain to the students, the will take an item of their choice and try to purchase it from their partner. The “clerk” will describe the item in detail and convince the “Buyer” to purchase the item. A price will be negotiated. The purchase will be made or rejected. The students may use personal shopping experiences explained in English, or imagine themselves shopping in a foreign city.

Main Task(30MIN)
• Have the students pick a partner. Explain to them the exercise. Allow them to decide who will be the seller and who will be the buyer
• Hand out work sheets and fake money. Ask them to choose an item they will sell\buy.
• The students are instructed to develop a conversation using words and...


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