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UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS International General Certificate of Secondary Education


For Examination from 2012 1 hour 45 minutes


This document consists of 12 printed pages. [Turn over

© UCLES 2010

2 Notes • • The full mark range will be used as a matter of course. Marking must be positive. Marks will not be deducted for inaccurate or irrelevant material. Half-marks will not be used. Levels of response criteria are used for questions where a hierarchy of answers is possible. Each answer is to be placed in the level that best reflects its qualities. It is not necessary to work through the levels. In levels with three marks, provisionally award the middle mark and then moderate according to the qualities of the individual answer. In levels with two marks, provisionally award the upper mark and then moderate according to the qualities of the individual answer. Overlaps in the marks available for some levels are deliberate. • • Arguments need to be supported with evidence, but lots of facts are not required. No set answer is looked for. The examples in the marking scheme are indicative only and are neither exhaustive nor prescriptive. They are given only as examples of some responses/ approaches that may be seen.

© UCLES 2010


3 Section A 1 This question is about environmental sustainability. (a) A variety of problems threaten the environment of India. Identify any two. [1 mark per problem.] e.g. land degradation; loss of biodiversity; stress on water resources; water pollution; air pollution; industrial pollution; massive population growth; harmful agricultural practices; soil erosion; rising temperatures; etc. (b) For each problem you identified in (a), explain why it creates an environmental threat. [6] LEVEL 1: Describes reasons [1 mark per problem.] [2 × 1] [2 × 1]

e.g. land is damaged; forests are cut down; animals...


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