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The Breadwinner Novel Critique

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The Breadwinner Critique:
“The Breadwinner” is a interesting novel written by Deborah Ellis that I enjoyed reading a lot. It was a very good choice to read this book. This book tells a lot of events that are happening in Afghanistan during the control of the Taliban, although I didn’t really like the entire novel, but I still think it is a positive experience for me to read the book.
The whole story is based on a family that lived in the time that wars are happening in Afghanistan, and the time whenAfghanistan is still under the control of the Taliban. The main character is called Parvana, a twelve year old girl who helped the handicap father to walk around for earning money for the family to live. After her father was captured by the Taliban soldiers. Parvana becomes the Breadwinner, the money earner of the family.
The author did a really good job of making the characters real and interesting. Sometimes, the author describes the movements the characters make to make the image he/she was trying to show much clearer. My favorite character is the Taliban soldier without a name who showed feelings of sorrow when his wife died. I liked this character because he was quite a mysterious person in the whole novel, and I like people who are mysterious. The author never mentioned it’s name, so I am interested.
My favorite scenes in this novel is the scene where the Taliban soldiers came in and took father away and the scene where they are digging the bones to sell. I really enjoyed these scenes because they are very exciting. When I just started to read the part about Taliban soldiers rushing into the house, I was so excited. I wanted to see what would happen to Parvana’s family. Before the girls went to dig the bones, the author mentioned that there were wars going on out there, and there were mines everywhere in the field. I waited to see mines exploding, although the mines didn’t explode was quite disappointing, but I still liked that scene a lot.
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