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The Church That...

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      The Church where is belong is the one who first welcomed me in this world. Though still uncertain who I really am, what I can do for her and who I will grow up to be, she still opened her doors for me. Her doors are open for the Faithfull, in need, lost, and especially, sinners. She gives everything she could and guides me to be the person she wants me to be-- in the footsteps of her groom, Jesus Christ. Until we have reached our promised salvation, the Church acts as our step ladder, molding us to be the best for each and every step we take.

Now, the Church that I love, though everything said was already good, she is still more than that. She is like what Christ really would be if He was here. She teaches me good and only the good, accepts me and shelters me in her arms, and prepares me for the coming of the end. That is why, as what like Christ did and believed in, the Church is worth dying for. Christ did it for love and has accepted suffering to give us salvation. Loving the Church the church the way He did shows just that. The Church that I love is also the kingdom of God on earth, because though temptations are present, the love and power of God still reigns. There maybe twist and turns, temptations here and there, but at the end of the day, it is still the will of God that remains. That’s the Church that I love, sure it’s never flawless, but it’s the love that binds us, the body of Christ, together.


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