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All the Presidents Men

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A journalist is obligated to follow a code of ethics, this journalist code of conduct is what helps keep a journalist reportings creditably. A major “don’t’’ in the world of journalism is to use unethical way of gathering information. This takes creditability away from the reporter and add an element of deception. If a reporter is willing to deceive people to get a good story , then they are willing to deceive an audience for a good rating.
ing to give the American people the truth, it was the means of acquiring the truth, using a female co-worker as a pawn and exploiting her past relationships to get information was wrong. Now that the list was put together , a new problem arose, Peoples’ jobs were at risk. Bernstein and Woodward would call these people and use them in the news , and many of these people had nothing to do with these scandals. These actions put many of the peoples jobs at risk causing a large amount of negative actions toward the men of the list career.
An empathic approach is a great trait for a journalist to utilize.
especially ones that are providing them with credible information. At the time in the movie, many workers of the re-election committee were being watched at their homes by politicians to make sure they weren’t giving up any information that could have harmed them, making it very difficult to obtain information regarding the break-in at the Democratic headquarters. As journalists Woodward and Bernstein could have went down to anyone’s home and knocked on their door, if that person was willing to answer a couple questions then Woodward and Bernstein would have been doing their jobs. Now that isn’t exactly how it happened. In one scene, a female worker specifically says to Carl Bernstein “I can’t answer any questions, now please leave.” Bernstein somewhat shrugs it off while another women asks him if he’d like a coffee. Bernstein says he’d love one, walks into the woman’s home and makes himself comfortable. While sitting down...


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