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Guiding question: How did the social life of the Indian people transform with the coming of the Aryans?
The Aryans are the very first known invaders of India, who invaded during the Vedic age. The Aryans first came in India as a barbaric tribe 5000 years ago and they vanquished the Indus valley people right after their arrival. This they with ease as they were great warriors and had very advanced fighting technique whereas the Indus valley people had no knowledge about war. The Aryans soon took over and completely transformed India, in every aspect such as social class, agriculture, architecture, and helping the economy of India.
The Aryans played a major role in bringing the caste system to India. They divided the people according to their status in four groups. The top most out these four castes were the Brahmins who were religious leaders and held sacrifices for common people and also could pardon sins. The Brahmins were lucky from birth as they could remain Brahmins for the rest of their lives without proving themselves. They were the only caste who were allowed to read texts like Vedas. The second caste was the strongest of all and consisted of nobles and warriors who were known as the Kshatriyas. They were given the second rank as they were extraordinary warriors and were extremely brave. The third cast consisted of merchants and traders who were known as the Vishyas. This caste was responsible for most of the tax payment and thus they were considered higher than the Shudras. The Shudras was the fourth and the lowest caste. They mostly consisted of people captured from wars and slaves who served all the three castes above them. The Shudras were treated worse than dogs and if the shadow of a Shudra was cast upon anyone from the higher castes, they would immediately go and bathe.
Leaving out the caste system the Aryans were also responsible in establishing sacrifices and ceremonies. This act soon became a tradition and is still practiced by Hindus till...


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