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Cultural Diversity

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Cultural Diversity
Secondly, the clothing systems are very different then industrialize people. Bushmen normally wear small cloth which covers only the hip region and women cover their upper body with the leather jacket and small piece of cloth surrounding the hip region. Normally cloths are made up of dead animals mostly the dear and snack’s skin. Wise versa in an industrialize people wear pent, t-shirt, jeans, dress, which is made up of cotton, wool, silk, etc. They change their cloths according to weather and style.
Food system is different than nation people. Bushmen women gather fruit, berries, tubers, bush onions and other plant materials for the band’s consumption. The eggs of ostriches are gathered and the empty shells used as water containers. In addition to plants, insects furnish perhaps ten percent of animal proteins consumed, most often during the dry season. Depending on location, the Bushmen consume 18 to 104 species including grasshoppers, beetles, caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and termites. People from the world eat different kind of food made from the chicken, beef, meat, eggs, and vegetables. Industrialize people eat 1000s of species including snacks, frogs, ducks, pigs, and human eye balls.
Bushmen men traditionally hunted using poison arrows and spears in laborious, long excursions. Kudu, antelope, deer, dikdik, and buffalo were important game animals. The Bushmen offer thanks to the animal’s spirit after it has been killed. The liver is eaten only by men and hunters because it is thought to contain a poison unsafe for women. The nation people do hunting but for style or as competition. They kill animal just for their hobbies, sometimes they eat hunted animals.
Finally the big difference two people are crime, and low. There are no criminal activities in Bushmen or their community. They never punished their children, women, and older people. They always take care of their family members. They do not have any rules or regulation...


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