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European Song Contest

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European Song Contest / Grand Prix

I get very exited every time see that the “Grand Prix” is soon coming on TV. But I’m not the only one in my family, my father; mother and little brother are all exited.
I think that the Grand Prix is very good to not only hear music from other countries but also see some culture. Many of the artists that are in the Grand Prix put also some of the culture and lifestyle in their music and performance.
I have seen Grand Prix for many years now, and when I see a country perform I can sometimes easy guess what country it is. This is of curse a bit because of the language but also because of the kind of music and style of the performance. For example, I can very clearly see if it is Finland that performs, because they almost always have some heavy metal bands playing like “Lordi” that won the Grand Prix 2006.

Often have I read or heard complains about some of the countries have “half-naked” women on the stage. I think that maybe it is because there are small children watching the show, so some of the people think, that the women have a so little amount of clothes on, that it could be secured. Well I don’t have anything against women standing on the stage with a little amount of clothes, but I AM a boy so that’s maybe not so weird.
I have often thought about that it is maybe a good idea to have some half-naked women on the stage, like this year the country that won had two very beautiful half-naked dancers on the stage. I think that maybe they get many votes from men around Europe just for the half-naked women, but who knows.
I have also read an article about that they have, in Denmark, made a law that says how much clothes they shall wear in the children’s Grand Prix. And I think of course that is a very good idea.

I and my family also have a tradition just for fun. Every time we watch the Grand Prix we all put about 20 kr. in a small bowl and then we all, after we have seen all the countries perform, write down what...


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