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Learning Plan

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Short and Long Term Goals
I am a goal oriented person and have always enjoyed creating both a short and long term goal plan.   Doing so helps me to see my historical path of achievements and goals that still need to be met.   My immediate short term goals range from the present moment up to the next 1-3 years and consist of goals that will help me to prepare for my forthcoming courses of study and improve in some of my weaker areas such as proper punctuations, algebra and time management.   Two other short term goals are to save for dental work that I desperately need to have done within the next year.
My Learning Style
I am a visual and hands-on learner.   I am an independent thinker and enjoy acquiring knowledge by conducting my own research online and within materials provided to me.   However, my interaction with other students has allowed me to expand my knowledge and learning style by sharing and exchanging ideas.
Academic Journal
Although I did not contribute to my academic journal, I did keep reference notes and emails I exchanged with Pedagogue Stewart in my personal outlook and private journal. Looking back, I realize now, after taking this first course, how important and beneficial academic journaling truly is because it keeps students aware of their academic progression and achievements.   This is something I look forward to achieving in my next course of studies.
By creating a budget I will be able to manage my money more efficiently.   I have a student loan and do not want to wait until the due date to start paying it back.   I don’t understand why so many people wait to do that because it only ends up hurting them more in the long run especially if unexpected emergencies arise and they are left with nothing to pay back their student loans.   I have always believed and lived by the notion that if I do not have the cash then I cannot have the stash!   So, for what that is worth, I have developed my own personal budget that will allow me to...


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