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Alcoholism - Essay 7

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Mr. Shakespeare
During college years it is very common for students to consume alcohol on the
weekends and sometimes during the week. Because alcohol is usually available and
usually present at every college party, drinking becomes “the thing to do”. Social
drinking on the weekends is one thing, but many take it much farther than that. Some
students look to get wasted or intoxicated. When students get into the habit of abusing
alcohol to get drunk on a consistent basis this becomes a problem, and the disease
known as alcoholism can develop. As a college student it becomes clear to me that
some of my friends and acquaintances are developing signs of abusive drinking and in
some cases signs of alcoholism have already begun to set in. Because of these
reasons, I am curious to find out what alcoholism really is.
The signs and symptoms of alcoholism, possible causes, risk factors leading to
alcoholism, screening and diagnosis, possible treatments, and how to avoid becoming
an alcoholic. Learning more about this topic is important to me because of my
connection with people who are family members of alcoholics, as well as individuals
who may be alcoholics. Alcoholism can be defined as an addiction to the consumption
to alcoholic liquor or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from physical
dependence of alcohol. Because it is a physical dependence, and affects the brain,
addiction and dependence are the common labels used to describe drinking habits. Use
refers to simple use of alcohol. Misuse, heavy use, and problem use suggest
consuming of alcohol beyond the point where it causes physical, social, or moral harm
to the individual. Abuse and dependence are defined as a ‘preoccupation with the
consumption of alcohol, and a physical desire to consume alcohol’. In addition to these
levels of alcohol use and misuse, there are four symptoms to describe alcoholism. They


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