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Information Systems

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Information Systems
Lisa Smith
INF 220
Ray Schafer
February 1, 2010
Information Systems
Information systems are only a piece of a grand system which is made up of people and groups of people. In everyday life, people and businesses require a need for information to help solve problems or dilemmas. Many of an organizations issues are located on all levels of the business. The information that is needed to help solve problems can be put into a requirement analysis. An information system provides answers combined with policies, procedures, and resources with the assistance of technology.
For the problem that needs solved the information system must be aligned with the requirements analysis. Techniques that are used for developing information software are continuously changing as technology advances. Every single information system development project needs a formal and specific expression created of a stated problem. The implementation and design is formulated through numerous methods and formal languages.
There are three era’s in which information technology has been involved starting in 1965. The first era, known as the data processing era was between the years of 1965-1975. Since 1965 there have been many definitions for information systems and the ways the systems are used have changed significantly. With the use of centralized mainframes, government agencies and large businesses were able to manage their data processing. The mainframe computers were very big in size, slow, and expensive; however they were able to process large volumes of information. Information systems were used for inventory, purchasing, staff schedules, productions operations management, corporate planning, and budgeting. (Anthony, 2005).
The second era, known as the Micro Era occurred during 1975-1985. In the year of 1981, IBM announced their first personal computer and Bill Gates and Paul Allen developed the operating system from their recently founded Microsoft....


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