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A Letter to a Freshman Student

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Dear College Freshman,

I welcome you to your freshman year at the University of Hartford. I will be your   support system voice bringing you advice on   “How   to Survive your Freshman Year” This is a new and exciting venture you will undertake to reach your educational ladder of success. I will be providing you survival tips in many different areas of college life. Lets begin: my letter will be divided into various categories, topics that will benefit you as you begin your life as a college student.
The first category will be “Effective Study Habits “the second category will be Decision Making” and the third will be “Coping while leaving your Family”
Let me begin. College life is a huge step into adulthood. You are embarking on an endeavor that perhaps will change who you are. In this respect, I mean you will become more responsible for yourself than ever before. You will have   to take ownership on making many adult decisions that will impact you forever.
Setting Clear Goals –Decide along with your academic counselor if you are taking required classes, or are you taking them because you have a desire to learn about the topic. After you have your schedule, be an active participant in the class, show the professor, you are eager to learn and participate at each session.. Along with that seek a professional relationship with the professor. Each professor has office hours, utilize this time to go and discuss your progress in each class. Set your mind to master the material, don’t think of the class as a credit class, shift your mind to think, I’m gaining knowledge. Your presentation to professors is of most importance, as one never knows, when you need a letter of recommendation from them.
Spend time if possible, after every class reviewing your notes. By doing this, it allows you to remember the information while fresh in your mind. Keep in mind that the assignments given in every class, is crucial for you to complete. With every assignment or homework not...


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