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War Against Terrorism in Pakistan

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Class 9th English Guess Paper | |
|Important Questions from Prose Section:                                                                                         |
|Why did Alamo Equal want a separate state for the Muslims of India?                                                             |
|Define Nursing? Who was Florence Nightingale?                                                                                   |
|How do we get Malaria? How can we get rid of it?                                                                                 |
|Where is Moen Jo Dario? What objects were found in the ruins of Moen Jo Dario?                                                   |
|What is barrage? Write down its benefits?                                                                                       |
|Write down the services of different Muslim women in the movement of Pakistan?                                                   |
|Who is Alamo Equal? Why he is famous? What did Alamo Equal say in his Allah bad Address?                                         |
|Who was Helen Keller? How did she learn to read? How did she get education? What difficulties did she face?                     |
|On what three principles did the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) establish the Islamic Society at Madina?                       |
|How did the Holy Prophet(Peace Be Upon Him) raise the status of Women?                                                           |
|What is our duty to our country? What measures are being adopted by the government to solve the main problems of country?       |
| Who was Shah Abdul Latif? Why he is called “Bhit” Why did he leave his home and go to live on a mound?                         |
|What is pollution? And what are its kinds?                                                                                       |
|Who was Major Aziz Bhatti? What lesson do you learn from the martyrdom of Major Aziz Bhatti?...


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