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War on Terrorism

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The issue of terrorism has caught much attention in post 9/11 world affairs, changed the paradigm with new dimensions and re-shaped the parameters of world foreign policy. Now the Terrorism is constant threat to the world security at large with many new shapes but does not have any common strategy to handle this issue in time bound and proper manner.

The military solution that has been used to counter the terrorism has made the situation worse than to repeal it. It has grown number of concerns about violations of the human rights in the form of collateral damages, detention, convictions, harassments and created problems instead of solving the issues.

This paper covers main causes of the issue, its origin, current situation and suggests some proposals for sustainable peace and security in the region as well in the world. The United Nations role in maintaining peace and security is primary and gigantic to adopt measures to combat this critical issue across the world but so far it failed to resolve the core issues like Kashmir and Palestine, and to restore the confidence of Muslim community. We strive to make the 21st century a new beginning to settle down all the long standing issues and provide hope to millions of poor to live a better life with food, education, and health.

Terrorism is not new in South Asian region and Pakistan, it has historical linkages with cold World War II. Unorganized and less armed at first, Mujahedeen began receiving substantial assistance in the form of weapons and training from the US, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other foreign countries. Many radical Islamic organizations and thousands radical Muslims from across the world particularly Middle East, North Africa and recruits from Pakistani Deubandi maddrassa’s, came and continued resistance in different parts of Afghanistan in the name jihad. Since then, to extend the conflict of the Cold War battleground, many foreign...


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