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Net Neutrality

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Network Neutrality
Network Neutrality is an ongoing issue that may very well decide the future of the Internet as we know it. As a consumer and a frequent user of the Internet, my views of Net Neutrality differ greatly from that of say, the companies supplying the content. My view is similar to that of Davies in the sense that “the “greedy ISPs” are looking to gouge users and degrade our service and we need the government to protect us” (2008). If Net Neutrality were to be removed, the service providers would limit access to the user, charging them to access ‘premium’ content that was otherwise free. It’s all in the interest of the providers making that extra dollar, “cable companies have opposed Net Neutrality because they want the freedom to discriminate, although they couch it in terms of wanting the extra money to invest in the network … the additional revenue should not come at the expense of the principle of an open Internet” (Knowledge). It would be the end of the ‘Internet’ as we users know it.
I believe Net Neutrality should be upheld. Net Neutrality is important because the Internet is a tool for economic growth and the pursuit of new jobs. If Net Neutrality were dropped, the companies in charge would effectively block and filter online content, putting a halt to much needed growth. Providers should not be able to control communications that travel across their infrastructure nor should they be able to delay certain communications in favor of others. We are all responsible in the upholding of Net Neutrality. Many people are standing up, writing letters to their state representatives to push for legislation on the matter and putting together online petitions sent to Washington. This is our Internet, we can’t let it be poisoned by greed.
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